Pinterest may be one of the fastest growing platforms, yet disappointingly a huge proportion of businesses still don’t know how, or indeed why, they should be using it as a marketing tool.

Swift to catch on have been consumer goods marketers given that DIY, food and fashion occupy the top three spots for the most pinned images. But sluggishly lagging behind are the B2B marketers who appear far less confident about Pinterest’s power to inspire and encourage new custom. Disappointingly only 34% of B2B markers we’re using Pinterest to share content in 2014 according to theInteractive Advertising Bureau.

Although curiosity in Pinterest is growing among this sector, the usage gap between B2B and B2C is still much wider than it ought to be. Sadly the misconception that Pinterest is only relevant to consumer goods and services has been adopted all too readily, leading a number of professional services, including conference organisers to dismiss the idea.

Admittedly it is much easier to appreciate how Pinterest is relevant for your local wedding dress designer and food blogger. Yet wouldn’t it be incredible if this powerful visually geared platform could generate interest in your conference too?

It didn’t take us long to identify a whole load of reasons why it could, and here are just 6 super compelling ones to get you reconsidering your plans for Pinterest (or lack of):

The Dilemma that is Services Marketing

Convincing delegates of your conference’s superiority can be a tricky endeavour. Given that the key areas of differentiation – keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and exclusive workshops – are essentially intangible, your customers often have little to go off other than your word and past testimonials. Pinterest boards that present your venue, speakers and registered attendees will allow you to collate tangible and compelling signs of your event’s quality all in one place.  Share these with your prospective delegates so they can explore and follow the links that are most relevant and appealing to them.

The Multitude of Reasons That Delegates Attend

Excellent speakers and on trend topics are few of the countless reasons why people attend conferences. So why narrow down your marketing to focus on just these areas? Conferences are the opportunity for many to meet likeminded people and travel to a new city (or country!) so it’s only sensible to market to these needs too right? Savvy marketers use Pinterest to accentuate their event’s multitude of USPs, professional or not. Location was identified as big selling point for delegates, so tell them the top tourist attractions in your host city or recommend some hotels!

Improve Your SEO

Since Google is our first port of call for any curiosity these days, your visibility on here is everything. Unfortunately, littering your landing pages with keywords can come across a little overwhelming, however, surprisingly Pinterest offers an incredible opportunity to jump the ranks. Despite its visual centricity, because of its need for relevant board names and rich descriptions, the site is perfectly geared up to aid your SEO.

Caters to Our Visually Driven Audience

In our earlier article on the power of visual marketing, we stressed the importance of complimenting any of your text-based marketing with visual media. Marketers are finding interaction and engagement levels are significantly higher for messages that are married to visual aids, and Pinterest perfectly complements this trend. Pinterest not only allows you to post images, but also videos, podcasts and SlideShaes. Research also shows that images of lists, such as “What to take with you” are incredibly popular on Pinterest. This logic can even be applied to non-visual content such as a whitepaper by attaching an infographic or compelling image to catch your audiences’ eye.

Your Content Gets a Longer Shelf Life

The challenge of cutting through the noise and getting your content seen at ‘peak times’ on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is frustrating to say the least. You slave over a piece of content to see its moment in the limelight over in minutes as its pushed further and further down the news feed. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, you’re average shelf life on Pinterest is longer than an hour; it’s longer than a day even. In fact, the average shelf-life on Pinterest in 3.5 months! By sharing your Pinterest boards with prospective leads you’re enabling them to see your full library of content, so they can enjoy browsing everything you have to offer in one place.

After all that, it’s difficult to see why you wouldn’t already be using Pinterest and the reasons above are only scratching the surface. Forget the misconceptions. Although the most active users are foodies and fashionistas, there is no reason why you can’t cut straight through the noise and share your board directly with you audience. One click will direct prospects to your interactive and eye-catching catalogue of details regarding your event, which they can re-pin and collate on their own boards for safekeeping!

Furthermore, with Pinterest’s business account analytics, you can stay track of what’s hot, what boards are most influential and the demographics and interest of your audience.

So what’s stopping you?  Get started with your business account here