In this day and age, your audience shares an immense amount of information with you, and in return has an expectation for perfectly targeted and personalised messages. In a crowded market you need to know how to deliver them. When it comes to this, data is power. Or should I say potential power, to be unlocked only when viewed and used effectively!

Happily, these days data is democratized, and no longer the secret language of statisticians and excel experts. These once migraine-inducing analytics are easier than ever to interpret. Never before has it been this straight forward to see the impact of your marketing messages, and to use that data to fuel a conversation about where to go next.

All of the tools you need to better understand your audience are easily and freely (or nearly freely) available. Many of the social media platforms you’re already using for your conference marketing have built-in analytics that will help you track engagement and build an understanding of your audience profile. Twitter, Facebook and Google, for example, have easy to use integrated analytics that let you clearly see the strengths and weaknesses of your social media strategy. For those looking to go one step further, there are many more bespoke options, some free and some not, which give you incredible insights into your audience.

Perfect for Conference Planning

These tools unlock unique insights, making it easy for you personalise your marketing messages as well as fine tune your events. Keep an eye on trending topics to help set your conference agenda, and deliver the best event formats for your delegates by tracking their conversations during and after your conference. Engage in conversation with your audience via social media to perfect your conference timetable, then use the built in analytics to see which of your messages hit home hardest.

Everlasting Engagement

As well as helping you to deliver your message perfectly now, data driven marketing provides invaluable resources for longer term strategic planning. Every time you engage with a delegate you also learn more about the best way to spark their interest in the future. You may find that posting at certain times or sharing visual media on Twitter resonates best, or discover that your audience connects better with your message when it is accessed via Facebook on a mobile device. Once you know this you can optimise your future content delivery and ensure that your audience never misses your message. All of this powerful information is available in real time, which gives you as an organiser the ability to refine your message and reach your audience with perfect pitch and timing when it matters most.

Creating Competitive Content

Data driven marketing can also give your content a competitive edge. A Harvard Business Review study published in 2014 discovered that only 12 percent of companies using social media content believed they were doing so to their satisfaction. But by using a variety of internal and add-on analytics you can uncover the reasons why certain content outperforms others to make sure you’re efforts are always employed in the most effective types.

So your content can be smarter, your audience more engaged and your events more accurately targeted. Good data analysis gives you the confusion-free, deeper understanding of your audience to do all this, and what’s more it’s all available at an incredibly low cost. So before you convince yourself you’re not a statistician, don’t have the budget and don’t have the time, take a step back. Consider the extraordinary results, return and freedom from stress you’d achieve from understanding exactly what your delegates want and when they want it!